Home Theater Installation

Home Theater Installation















Whether you are looking for a TV with surround sound or a full blown home theater experience with a projection system in a dedicated room, we can help.

At the entry level, home theater installations may include a large 4K UHD TV with surround sound, and universal remote control. These are great for modest budgets, while providing a great picture, sound, and being easy to use.

In the mid-range, home theater installations will usually step up to a projector, screen, an increase in performance of the surround sound system, and universal remote control, giving you more of a movie theater experience.

If you want to go big, top level theaters are typically a dedicated room, which is specifically to be a home theater. They usually come equipped with a high performance projector, high performance screen, premium surround sound system (such as a Dolby Atmos configuration), lighting control, high end universal remote control system, and a stylized room, designed to your personal tastes.


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