Introducing the FamCave – Entertainment the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Most people have heard of the term “Mancave.” If you haven’t, a Mancave is a room a guy can turn into a personal hangout for him and his buddies. Mancaves often include a big screen with surround sound, so he and the guys can watch the big game. You are also likely to find gaming tables, a bar, sports memorabilia and other “manly” items he holds near and dear. Wives love these spaces because it gives their husbands their own dedicated space and prevents them from turning the rest of the house into their own version of the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Although we love the idea of a Mancave, a FamCave is a similar concept to the Mancave, except it is a common area the entire family can enjoy. Typically, this would be considered a den or family room – an area that serves multiple purposes, such as a playroom for the kids, the main spot for the entire family to watch TV, and a place to just relax and read a book when the day is nearly done. FamCaves, however, add more of the audio/video features from the Mancave. They often upgrade the technology in the room and add features like a big screen TV, surround sound, video game systems, high quality music systems and more –we call this multipurpose room a “FamCave!”

When adding a FamCave to your home, one of the most important features is the audio/video system. Many people call this a home theater, but it’s not quite a true home theater. What exactly is a home theater? Is it just a big screen TV with surround sound? No. Although these are important parts that make up a home theater, there are other things to take into account. For instance, a dedicated room with a projector with a very large (70” to over 200”) screen, high-performance surround sound, acoustical wall treatments, controlled lights or shades and luxury, theater-style seating is an honest representation of a true home theater, since it has been designed to perform more like a real movie theater does. With a slightly more basic version of these features in your FamCave, your home will have the perfect spot for your family to spend time together and really enjoy being entertained.