The FamCave: Part 2 – Selecting a Space For Your Family’s Entertainment

Finding the perfect room for your FamCave is very important. Here are some things to ask yourself when thinking about which area of your house is most ideal:


Is there enough space?

FamCaves do not require much space. If you can fit a TV in the room, chances are, you have enough space. Things like in-wall and in-ceiling speakers offer more flexibility, since they each take up about as much space as a recessed light fixture. We have worked in rooms as small as about 10’ x 10’ and the results were quite nice.

Is the room functional?

To check if the area you’d like to use will be functional, see if it has the necessary electrical outlets, and design flexibility. You want this room to have the appropriate design feel for your family, so having the ability to add certain design elements is very helpful. The best thing to do is consult with an audio/video installer like me. A good installer will know about which products to use, based on the size of the room, where to place things, and some can even offer ideas for the room layout. You want everything to work and also be a comfortable, enjoyable place for your family to spend time. Being comfortable in the room is an important factor for enjoying it.

JG_LIVING_ROOM_DLPCan the room perform its multiple functions?

Like most common rooms, FamCaves need to be able to perform multiple functions for the family. Areas for playing, video gaming, and reading are things to consider while thinking about your FamCaves functionality. The idea is for the entire family to be able to enjoy the room in their own way. It should be able to accommodate various activities.

Look for upcoming articles on ways we can help you improve your home and make your space more enjoyable.