Universal Remote Control Installation

MX-1200 Universal Remote Control

TRC-820 Universal Remote Control

T3X Remote













Get rid of that complicated clutter of remote controls and simplify things.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice space on your coffee table or have to have a “cheat sheet” to remember how to turn on the TV to watch your favorite shows or DVD.  The whole point of entertainment is to enjoy it, so we will make it clean and easy for you and everyone in your household.

How many steps does it take to get your TV or home theater system powered up and set to what you want to watch?  3?  5?  How many remotes does it take?  We can reduce those steps to as few as one – with a single remote control.  The cable box, DVD player, and other components can even be hidden away inside a closed cabinet.  Keep it closed.  We can make it work through the doors too.


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